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CommentSold Integration Steps
CommentSold Integration Steps

Ave Shops has worked with CommentSold to build out recommended Integration Steps.

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Ave Shops hopes to always find ways to help our shops who use CommentSold. Below are the recommendations from CommentSold for connecting Shopify to CS. This was written by one of their previously employed senior account strategists.

“There are always some “edge cases” where shops would deviate from this recommendation but this overall has worked successfully for shops using Ave Shops on the CS platform.

Shopify to CommentSold Setup

  • Basic Shopify Plan

  • Must Use Default Location on Shopify

  • Enable Multiple Warehouse Locations on CommentSold (Support/Account Strategist needs to enable this - this is different from Multiple Locations & must be turned on for the shop

    Note: Please include that you are a new Ave Shops shop owner setting up. This will help them when turning this on for you. Please also mention they need to turn it on in the "Super Special Tab" and the support team will bypass a lot of the confusion!

  • Setup 2 Locations - one for their own product & one for their drop shipped product - common naming is “Store Name” for 1 and “Warehouse”or “Offsite Warehouse”

  • Make sure “auto split” is disabled on CommentSold, the items will split by warehouse location instead - found on shipping setup tab

  • Shopify set up tab on CS > Send Orders to Shopify toggle turned on

  • Process to get setup & maintain setup - you will want to make sure when connecting & setting up, each product (even old product is into a location to ensure no hiccups with future fulfillment flow and future filtering needs)

  • Products Tabs > Filter > Brand: Ave Shops

  • Change Filter to 1000 (each week it’ll be less than 100 importing)

  • Select All > Mark Not Received

  • Select All again > Set Warehouse > Offsite Location

  • Select All again > Add to Ave Shops Warehouse Collection

  • Optional: Select All again > Set Custom Badge Text to Shipped Only

  • *Pro Tip: Every week when products are released from Ave Shops to Shopify, go in and process those steps to get ready for the upcoming week. Occasionally go back and check throughout the week that all Ave Shops items are in that location to avoid them getting processed with your own fulfillment in case anything was missed or pushed late. An easy way to figure this is out is by using the filters for Products > No Location to see what product isn’t assigned.

  • Build out a live selection for each release so you can post to app, webstore or use to go live with live helpers - it’ll be a couple clicks to post these in bulk to your sales channels or schedule in advance

An overall summary: This will help you be able to differentiate your own product from drop ship product, see your inventory values vs. drop ship, and also manage the fulfillment flow. This will send over all items from Ave into a single order in CS > Shopify and keep their own inventory on it’s own order as well). This keeps the order mgmt really clean & easy to manage when checking into orders if they are shipped/not shipped etc. Hopefully these tips help with some questions.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns for the Ave Team. You can use the chat bubble in the bottom right or reach out via email at :)

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