Ave Shops Basics & Announcements

New to Ave? This is the place to start! Learn about buying samples, our release schedule, and much more.

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Ave Tech

Automate your boutique like never before. Ave tech creates products, keeps inventory in sync, creates wholesale orders, and adds tracking info to your Shopify, all automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our most frequently asked questions. We have a more robust FAQ resource on our wholesale site currently here: https://avenueshops.com/apps/frequently-asked-questions

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Learn about our shipping procedures and ways to enhance your settings.

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Dive into our helpful collection of articles on preorder management, offering practical insights and strategies to streamline your operations and keep your customers satisfied

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This collection provides guidance for Shopify users on the Ave Shops platform, covering topics such as product publishing, sales channel management, and automation techniques to optimize online stores for success. For any Shopify store concerns, we recommend contacting Shopify support at this link: https://help.shopify.com/en/questions#/contact. Please note that Ave Shops support is available for any product or order concerns.

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TikTok Shop Resources

Explore the growing potential of TikTok as a sales channel while our team provides support from a knowledgeable distance. The TikTok support team should be utilized as much as possible through this link: https://seller-us.tiktok.com/ticket/create

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Learn more about our upcoming integration with CommentSold and future steps to take.

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