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What are your shipping rates?
What are your shipping rates?

We have flat rates based on product weight and those rates sync right over to you.

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We have flat rate shipping calculated by product weight. Here are those rates for your reference:

$4 up to .25lbs

$5 .25-.75lbs

$7 .75-1lbs

$8.50 Flatrate >1lbs (jeans)

$10 1-5lbs

$15 5-10lbs

$20 10lbs+

All of our products will sync over to your Shopify with their weights assigned to their product page so you can set up shipping rates by weight if you would like to.

You are more than welcome to set up rates that do not match ours. Twins or not, we are glad you're here. 😊

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Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

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