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Clarifying Ave's Role: Why Ave Won't Auto-Publish to Your Sales Channels
Clarifying Ave's Role: Why Ave Won't Auto-Publish to Your Sales Channels

Learn about Ave Shops syncing status with Shopify and how to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

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Publishing Status in Shopify

Ave Shops will sync products in an active state, but not published to any sales channels. If you have Point of Sale installed as a sales channel, Shopify will by default automatically publish to that sales channel if an automatic import occurs through CSV or an app (Like Ave Tech). If you were to uninstall Point of Sale, auto publishing to that sales channel would stop from Shopify.

Ave Tech does not have any auto-publishing hard coded in so we will not publish to any of your sales channels without your permission; Ex: Online Store. You are in full control of publishing. The product will be in an active state ready to go!

Need help understanding how to publish products in Shopify? Click here.

What if I notice they are publishing to my other sales channels?

There are times when other apps interfere with our products process, or potentially another user in your Shopify forgets when to publish! But here are some steps you can take to figure out who is publishing or unpublishing your products on your sales channels if a problem arises:

  1. Login to Shopify

  2. Go to settings in the bottom right

  3. Scroll to the very bottom

  4. Click on 'Store Activity Log'

This will show you about 200 logs or so and you can do 'Command + F' and then type in a product name if you have a specific product name in mind to look for the history; given that it falls within the 200 logs specified timeframe.

We hope this helps! Should you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team through chat or email

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