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Add a sample to your On Hand inventory
Add a sample to your On Hand inventory

Selling your samples (and returns) can be a painful process. This tool will make it far simpler.

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In Ave Tech, there is an "On Hand" inventory column for each product. If you add your sample and return inventory quantities to your On Hand inventory, then Ave Tech will automatically use that inventory before using Ave inventory for your orders.

So if a customer orders an item that you have On Hand, you'll be notified via email so you can ship yours out instead of being charged for a new one.

Here's how to add to your On Hand inventory:

Step 1: Login to Ave Tech and click on Products on the left hand menu

Here's the link in case you forget where to go:

Step 2: Click on the filter in the top right of the product list (It looks like a blue funnel)

Step 3: Enter the product name or date of the release (like 3-3-2023) and it will pull up the product or first 10 items in the release.

If you entered a release date, change the "Rows per page" at the bottom to 50 so all the products are on the page.

Step 4: Click on the drop down arrow on the left of each product you have a sample of and add the quantity that you have to the On Hand field for each size.

This will automatically add the inventory to your Shopify and make your sample available for your customers to buy.

Pro Tip: The easiest flow is to add all of your samples to an entire release at the same time.

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