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Full Service Release Schedule & Rules
Full Service Release Schedule & Rules

Everything you need to know about our weekly product drops.

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We’re SO excited to share a new pilot that we are going to be trialing for the next three weeks. Click here to go to the announcement for more information.

Every week Tues-Fri new product releases drop. Each release includes 10-12 items (give or take), including accessories. In addition to our regular releases, we have a preorder available and a clearance selection as another selling opportunity on a weekly basis.

There are certain dates and times to keep in mind with our products when it comes to launching them on your website. Let's talk more about it more below:

Sample Buying Opens

Every Wednesday at 2pm Mountain Time we launch the new releases on the wholesale site. You can immediately place sample orders (limit of two per item), and we encourage you to do so as early as possible. Learn more about sample orders here.

The items can't be launched on your website, or sold in other ways, until their launch date, which is found in the title of every item on the wholesale site and in their collection information. They'll also be listed as a tag on their product page in your Shopify when they sync over.

Note: Some products in a new release collection may have an older date in the product title and these are known as re-releases. They'll have extra information about their release date in the product description. Learn more about re-releases here.

NEW Judy Blue Strategy:

Listed above, during sample buying, normally you would purchase a sample and have to wait until the release date to sell to your customers. Now, we have a new plan with Judy Blue and we are going BIG. We want you to be able to sell to your customers immediately. Here's how it works:

Now, Judy Blue will launch immediately! When samples launch on the wholesale site Wednesday's at 2pm MT, Judy Blue will start syncing to your Shopify.

  • We’ll shoot photos right away on Amanda, Kirra, or other team members so that these styles can launch ASAP. Then we’ll ALSO add them to curated collections in upcoming weeks with our typical amazing photography.

  • We are eliminating the sample buying period for Judy Blue styles, so you can order your sample and launch/promote immediately if you’d like to! *OR* you can wait until that style is featured in a later collection and launch at that time.

  • Our goal is that the deep quantities we’ve ordered will allow you to buy samples with confidence even without an official sample buying period.

How can you identify “immediate release styles”?

  • They are in a Judy Blue Available Now collection on the wholesale site HERE!

  • They’re tagged with JBAvailableNow in your Shopify

  • Tentative list of styles that are en route to us this season HERE!

  • Please note, this only applies to Judy Blue, not other denim brands.

More Styles in Deeper Quantities

  • Approximately 50% more styles each month than last year!

  • Numbers will ebb and flow depending on Judy Blue delivery dates, but an AVERAGE of 8-12 styles/month.


  • Custom recuts/restocks have not generally been an option with Judy Blue but that has changed!

  • We’ll restock as often as possible with popular styles where it makes sense and fabric is available to recut. Recut timelines vary based on Judy Blue’s manufacturing cadence.

  • Several styles (previously called Evergreen) are continuously recut, so you can sell them again and again!

Sample Buying Closes

Samples are open for a five day window, they close the following Monday at midnight. The closing date for each collection will be listed in the collection header. You can learn more about sample buying here.

Preorders Open

Every Wednesday, we are going to automatically sync the latest round of preorders we are running for the week. You can start selling these items to your customers as soon as the products are in your Shopify! You'll have a six day window; Wednesday to Tuesday at midnight.

The preorder tag will be announced on the wholesale site so you can locate the preorder collection in your Shopify. Ex: P1-10-2024

On Wednesday morning, our team will drop quantities to 0 so we can go place the order with our vendor.

Note: Preorders are optional, you do not have to participate, but we highly recommend them! These are items we typically can't carry in a Full Service release and are another risk-free selling opportunity. You'll find viral items, more graphic tees, and unique items here!

All products will have 'PREORDER' in the product title and the closing date and estimated ship date in the description.

This way your customer is well aware that this is not an in-stock item and will be shipped at a later date.

Preorder and non-preorder products cannot be in the cart at the same time on the wholesale site ONLY. In Ave Tech, for your customers, this rule does not apply. Orders will split and ship automatically. Learn more here: Mixed Orders

Preorders automatically go on hold in Ave Tech and pend without payment until the inventory arrives at Ave's warehouse. If placed on the wholesale site, you will be charged at checkout and then the order goes on hold in our shipping system until the inventory arrives.

Preorders Close

Preorders close every Tuesday at midnight. Once the preorder closes, orders cannot be canceled. You are committing to the preorder we are placing with the vendor.

Once the inventory arrives at Ave's warehouse, we will process and charge the orders in Ave Tech to your payment method so we can ship the orders.

Ave Tech will take 1-2 minutes to utilize Auto Combine and combine all orders with the same exact shipping address since preorders pend until processing day without combining.

Ave Tech auto combines under two scenarios:

  1. All non-local pickup orders with the same shipping address

  2. All local pickup orders

Non-local pickup and local pickup orders will not be auto combined together. Manual combinations would be required.

Tracking numbers will start loading up to your Shopify after shipment!🙌🏻

Sync To Shopify

On the Thursday before the immediate in-stock products go live to your customers, all the items in the four releases will be pushed to your Shopify by Ave Tech. This gives you several days to prep the products to launch the following week. You can schedule your products to publish on your website on their release date or you can wait to publish day of. We recommend scheduling in advance.


This is about two weeks after the products have launched on the wholesale site, giving you plenty of time to receive your samples and prepare to promote them.

All releases go live at 8am Mountain time (7am Pacific, 9am Central, 10am Eastern), and products should not go live on your website until that time. Learn how to schedule items to launch at the perfect time. Judy Blue items are now available for immediate promotion and sale. Learn more about Judy Blue Available Now here: JBAvailableNow

Note: You can share sneak peeks with your customers ("Look what's coming on Tuesday!"), but preselling, preorders, taking claims, etc. are not allowed.

Tuesday: Apparel/Accessory/Category Expansion Release

Releases 8am Mountain Time (7am Pacific, 9am Central, 10am Eastern)

Judy Blue is available for immediate promotion and sale.

Release date will be tagged on every product so you can locate the release in your Shopify. Ex: 1-16-2024

Wednesday: BONUS! Accessory/Category Expansion

Releases 8am Mountain Time (7am Pacific, 9am Central, 10am Eastern)

Our biggest shop owner request is lower price point items and more weekly selling opportunities so we're putting a spin on our Bonus items and adding a whole collection!

What will be included with Bonus releases?

  1. Any extra group items. For those who don't know about group items: While some items are offered to all three groups, others are offered to just one or two. If an item doesn't sell out completely one full week after launch, it will then be offered to the other group(s) that didn't have it originally as a bonus item.

  2. BRAND NEW ITEMS! Items we’ve launched previously in regular launches that we’re bringing back in new colors. And never before seen pieces + items that didn’t make sense for our regular launches for various reasons (lower quantities, packs were missing in our shipment, not full size runs, etc).

Release date will be tagged on every product so you can locate the release in your Shopify. Ex: 1-17-2024

Thursday: Apparel/Accessory/Category Expansion Release

Releases 8am Mountain Time (7am Pacific, 9am Central, 10am Eastern)

Judy Blue is available for immediate promotion and sale

Release date will be tagged on every product so you can locate the release in your Shopify. Ex: 1-18-2023

Friday: Apparel/Accessory/Category Expansion Release

Releases 8am Mountain Time (7am Pacific, 9am Central, 10am Eastern)

Judy Blue is available for immediate promotion and sale

Release date will be tagged on every product so you can locate the release in your Shopify. Ex: 1-19-2024


This is a clearance collection up to 70% off regular wholesale pricing. Deals go live every Friday at 8am MT. The deals stay in place until the following Friday at 8am MT when the next round of deals go live.

These used to be called daily deals because we featured and discounted one item on a different day each week. But now, we discount the entire collection and you have the entire week to be creative with how you want to offer it to your customers!

You can show them the entire collection on Friday, over the weekend, or one each day.

The tag for this collection will be announced on the wholesale site so you can locate it in your Shopify. Located under Special Collections > Flash Deals. Ex: FD1-5-2024

Remember: We discount on the wholesale side to automatically apply the discount in Ave Tech when an order syncs in and you need to discount on the retail side if you would like to participate with your customers.

Happy selling, friends! We're so glad you're here! 🫶🏻

Have any questions or concerns? Please send our support team a chat using the chat box in the bottom right or send us an email at

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