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Learn when you can order samples, how quickly they'll ship, and more.

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If you're like most shops, your best selling items are those that you can model for your customers. Samples orders are the way to make that happen!

Each week you'll have the opportunity to place sample orders from two new releases that launch on wholesale.

Our most successful shops typically order samples of almost every item in each release. We realize this isn't possible for every shop owner, but we encourage you to order are many samples as you can. Your customers ultimately trust you the most and if you're able to see and feel the item, it helps you sell it!

Here's what you need to know...

Sample buying window

You will have a five day window to buy samples each week. We encourage you to place your sample orders as early as possible to ensure they arrive with plenty of time before they launch. Learn more about the product release scheduled here.

Samples limited to two per item

To help ensure items don't sell out too quickly, sample buys are limited to two per item. This limit stays in place until at least an hour or two (sometimes as long as 24 hours) after they launch to the public.

Please note that if there are certain items selling too quickly during sample buying, a sell-through-rate of 30%, we will turn that item off to preserve that inventory for the customer launch date.

First Sample Order

Head to the wholesale site and pick out your favorite items from the latest sample buying period (Open every Wed-Mon as listed above)! They will be under the 'Weekly Releases' tab as shown here:

Next step, ADD TO CART! 🥳

You might see some products where the sample buying period has closed. Those products close for purchasing after samples until their retail launch, but they'll open up again once we reach the retail launch date that is in the product title & collection title.

Sample orders prioritized

We want to get your samples to you ASAP, so sample orders are always the top priority of our shipping team. All sample orders that come in before 2pm Mountain time will be shipped out the same day.

For more information on the release schedule & rules, click here. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our amazing support team through chat or email

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