How do I sell preorders?

Learn about when preorders sync to your shop, estimated shipping times, and when they process in Ave Tech.

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Publish To Your Online Store

Preorders are just like regular products in the way that you publish them to your online store and sell to your customers (You can purchase on the wholesale site too if needed!). We sync new preorders to your Shopify automatically on Wednesday's each week and they close for purchasing on Tuesday's.

The main difference between preorders and a regular Ave product is that they close for selling at a certain time so we can submit our order with the vendor. We'll drop the inventory to 0 when the preorder closes.

Estimated Shipping

The close date will be in the description of the product as well as the ETA at our warehouse of when we'll start shipping the orders to the end-customer. This is listed on the wholesale site as well as in the description in your Shopify.

Ave Tech

All the orders will go on hold in your Ave Tech account under "Preorders" until the preorder item(s) have arrived at our warehouse and are ready to ship! Then we will charge them to your payment method and ship them all off.

If your customer orders multiple items in the order, such as one preorder and one regular in stock item, the order will auto split in Ave Tech to create an immediate wholesale order for the one item that is ready to go and then keep the preorder pending until it arrives at our warehouse to ship. You can learn more about mixed orders here.

Note: Preorders do not typically restock, but occasionally we may run the same item if the vendor has availability for a second run and the first run was a success! Most often we just move onto another preorder though.

If you have any questions about preorders, how they process, or any other questions, please reach out to our support team over chat or email at

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