Ignore an item, send your sample instead

Want to send a sample or other item you have on hand, instead of ordering a new one? Ignoring is the way to do it.

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One of the benefits of choosing semi-auto mode is that you have time to make changes to orders before you process them manually, or they're processed automatically at the end of your order processing delay, like ignoring one or more items on an order before it's sent to Wholesale.

Step 1: Go to the Orders page by clicking Orders on the left nav.

Step 2: Open the order you want to edit by clicking on the order number on the left.

Step 3: Click 'Order Items' to view the items currently included in the order.

Step 4: Click the ignore icon to the right of each item you want to remove from the order.

Note: Once an item is ignored, the inventory will be released on Wholesale. You can also restore an item to add it back to your order, as long as it's still in stock on Wholesale.

Step 5: Once you have ignored the item(s), click the 'Place Order' button in the top right, then 'Submit Payment' after confirming the amount.

Tip: By default, Ave Tech will automatically mark all the orders included in the combined order as fulfilled in your Shopify when it is shipped, as well as add the tracking number. Based on your Shopify settings, a shipping confirmation email, including the tracking number, should automatically be sent to your customer(s).

In some cases you might not want the customer to be notified when the order is shipped, local pickups, for example, where marking the order as fulfilled will notify your customer their order is ready to be picked up.

Ave Tech will automatically uncheck the box when it recognizes that the order is a local pickup order, but if it happens to be checked, go ahead and uncheck the box so we don't send over tracking to your Shopify order and your customer accidentally receives shipment notifications.

If you do end up shipping the order to your customer and need tracking sent to the Shopify order, check this box so we automatically sync tracking to you.

Note: If you ignore all the items on an order it will still appear in your back office, but it will move to canceled at the end of your order processing delay.

What's next?

Ignoring isn't the only thing you can do in semi-auto mode. Here are some of the other changes you can make:

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