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Navigating Preorder Products and Orders
Navigating Preorder Products and Orders

Learn about when preorders sync to your shop, estimated shipping times, and when they process in Ave Tech.

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Understanding Preorders

'Preorders' refer to items not currently stocked in our Utah warehouse, requiring orders from our vendors. Orders are placed after each weekly preorder deadline. For instance, if the deadline is Tuesday at midnight, orders are placed on Wednesday. That is the regular schedule, Wednesday to Tuesday at midnight, unless otherwise listed in the description.

Both you and your customers can access preorders. You can place orders via the wholesale site, where the estimated shipping date is displayed in the product description. Please note that samples are unavailable for preorder items.


Identifying Preorder Items

  1. Look for "PREORDER" in the product title.

  2. Check the product description for the estimated delivery date.

  3. Preorder items are tagged with "P" followed by the date (ex: P5-29-2024).

Syncing Products to Shopify

Preorders sync to your Shopify account every Wednesday. They remain open until the following Tuesday at midnight, unless stated otherwise in the product description. To locate these products in Shopify:

  1. Log in to Shopify.

  2. Navigate to Products.

  3. Click on Search and Filter (magnifying glass icon) on the far right.

  4. Use the 'Tagged with' filter below the product search option.

  5. Enter the relevant product tag (ex: P5-29-2024).

Publishing to Your Online Store

You can publish preorder products on your online store as soon as they sync to Shopify on Wednesdays. They are available for sale until the following Tuesday at midnight, unless stated otherwise in the product description.

Need help publishing to your sales channels? Click here for your guide.

Closing and Estimated Shipping

The closing date and ETA for shipping are specified in the product description on both the wholesale site and your Shopify.

Ave Shops will drop the quantities of each preorder product to 0 at closing so we can place our order with the vendor.

Ave Tech

Preorders are initially in a pending status in Ave Tech, and payment is not collected until the products are received in our warehouse. Once received, pending orders are processed and added to the shipping queue.

Alternatively, you can pay upfront by placing orders directly on the wholesale website. Wholesale orders are charged immediately, assigned a wholesale order number, and placed on hold in our shipping queue until the preorder arrives.

Note: If an order has already synced through Ave Tech, but you'd like to pay up front, ignore the item in Ave Tech and place the order directly on the wholesale site.

Unsure on how to ignore an item? Click here.

Order Organization

A separate folder for Pre Orders is available on your Ave Tech orders dashboard to maintain organization. These orders are denoted by purple cart icons, indicating they are pending.

Order Processing

If a customer orders both a preorder and an in-stock item, the order is automatically split in Ave Tech. A wholesale order is created for the in-stock item, while the preorder remains pending until it arrives at our warehouse for shipping. Learn more about mixed orders here.

Combining Orders

Preorders cannot be combined (manually or automatically) until the product is released when it arrives from the vendor and we are in the process of shipping to your customer. Auto Combine initiates and takes 2-5 minutes after the preorder release, searching for combining possibilities within preorders and immediate pending orders. You also have the option to manually combine released preorders at this time as needed.

Cancellation Policy

Once you place a preorder, it cannot be cancelled after the preorder close date specified in the description. Estimated delivery dates are our best estimates and do not guarantee delivery by a specific date.


Preorders typically do not restock, though occasional exceptions may occur if the first run was successful. A preorder typically will not come back into stock as a ready to ship (RTS) item as well.

We suggest making the most of preorder products while they're available, as they offer both you and your customers access to a wide range of brands, popular trends, and an expanded selection beyond just clothing.

If you have any questions about preorders, order management, or any other questions, please reach out to our support team over chat or email

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