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CommentSold Integration Updates
CommentSold Integration Updates
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CommentSold Integration Updates

**If you do not use CommentSold, the following info does not apply to you!**

The CommentSold direct integration is scheduled to happen right on schedule this weekend! The majority of this transition will all be done behind the scenes thankfully. Here is the plan:

  • The new direct integration will be deployed!

  • Once the integration is successfully rolled out, we’ll ask all CS shops to log into Ave Tech and provide us with your CommentSold shop ID number.

  • Any Ave products that are currently synced to your CS account will be transitioned over by CommentSold on the back end. This means that all of your product edits, photos, etc will be retained - no need to re-sync or edit all of those products again!! 🎉🎉

  • Once your shop's product migration is complete, you'll be notified. Then you'll begin using the CS Dropshipping catalog to manage any new synced products going forward.

What Do Shops Need to Do?

  1. Make sure you have CommentSold drop shipping enabled in your CS account. If you aren’t sure how to do that, a CS help article is here!

  2. Please do not disconnect Shopify until you’ve been given the all clear to do so! If you have pending preorders, you will need to keep your Shopify connection and product listings active until all of those have been processed and charged!

  3. Log into Ave Tech to add your CommentSold shop ID number - We’ll let you know when it’s time to do this! The screen is not live in Ave Tech yet! Instructions are here:

  4. Please do not start manually adding products in the CS Dropshipping catalog - we don't want you to end up with a bunch of duplicates! Allow the tech teams to transition your existing products over.

  5. Did we mention that we don't want you to disconnect your Shopify yet? 🤣


Will pricing be the same?

  • Yes the wholesale pricing on our website is the same as the wholesale pricing in CS Dropshipping.

Will Ave products still automatically sync over to my CS account each week?

  • They will not! After the transition is totally complete, you'll need to start selecting products in the CS Dropshipping catalog and syncing them over that way.

Will product tags sync over?

  • Currently they will not!

  • We’ve asked CS to include this on their roadmap of future features for the dropshipping program because we know that is pretty impactful from a shop perspective!

Will preorders still work the same?

  • Yes and no - the process will stay the same but payment will work differently!

  • Preorders will still sync over to a pending status in your Ave Tech account and will stay there until we receive and process the items.

  • BUT! CommentSold will collect payment on preorders at the time the order is placed instead of when we receive the product like you’ve been accustomed to in the past.

Will all CommentSold shops who use dropshipping have access to these products or only shops who have an account with Ave?

  • Products will initially be available to sync for our direct customers only.

  • After a period of time, products will be made available to all CS shops who opt in to the dropshipping program.

We know this whole transition has felt overwhelming at times, but hopefully this portion will be super smooth and easy with minimal impacts on your daily routine!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Our support team is available through the chat box in the bottom right hand corner or by email at

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