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Why isn't my address an option when combining orders?
Why isn't my address an option when combining orders?

Want to combine orders for local pickup, but your address isn't an option? Follow these steps to add your default shipping address.

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When combining orders to ship together you will choose where you want the order to be shipped.

The only addresses available to choose from will be the shipping addresses for the orders being combined, and the default shipping address you have on file. If your address isn't an option you need add it as the default shipping address.

Step 1: Click your name in the top right corner, then 'Account Settings'.

Step 2: Under the 'General' tab at the top, click on 'Edit'.

The next time you combine orders your new default shipping address will be available for you to select.

Note: The default shipping address is an important piece for a bug fix on our wholesale site. This will help you select your own shipping address at checkout there as well! If it's not present in Ave Tech, you may have issues at checkout.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team through chat or email us at

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