Cancel an order before it's sent to Wholesale

Cancel an order completely before it's processed and sent to Wholesale

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One of the benefits of choosing semi-auto mode is that you have time to make changes to orders before you process them manually, or they're processed automatically after 24 hours, like canceling an order completely, if needed.

Open the order in your Shopify back office

To make changes to your order in Ave Tech, including canceling the order, open it in your Shopify back office.

You can do so by clicking on the Shopify order number when viewing the order in Ave Tech, or you can log into your Shopify back office and open the order.

Cancel the order in Shopify & it will be canceled in Ave Tech

If the customer is canceling the order completely, then simply cancel the order in Shopify, and it will also be canceled in Ave Tech.

Step 1: After opening the order click, 'More actions', then 'Cancel'.

Step 2: Make any changes you'd like to the refund amount, reason for canceling, and customer notification options, then click 'Cancel order'.

What's next?

If you just want to cancel the order in Ave Tech so it's not created on Wholesale, instead of canceling the order completely in Shopify, then ignore the items on the order instead.

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