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TikTok Service Agreement + Shop Health
TikTok Service Agreement + Shop Health

Learn more about Ave Shops and TikTok.

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E-commerce is constantly changing as new trends and selling models become available. Ave is committed to partnering with you through these changes! We’re constantly updating our service and technology in an effort to support whatever selling platform you prefer for your business.

TikTok is becoming an increasingly popular sales channel. Our team has a direct line of communication with TikTok and we’re here to help you navigate the questions and concerns that come along with this new platform.


  1. We added a 2 Hour Order Processing Delay! Previously the shortest time available was 24 hours.

  • Tiktok has a 1 hour cancellation window, so a 2 hour delay on our end allows any cancellations to be processed before your card is charged.

  • Orders do not drop into our shipping queue for fulfillment until they have been charged in Ave Tech. It’s crucial that you either manually process orders ASAP or update to this shorter automated processing time.

  • Remember that our team needs two business days for fulfillment, so if your orders are sitting in Ave Tech for 24-48 hours before charging, your orders will be at high risk for delays and shipping violations.

2. We added a “source” filter in your Ave Tech back office!

  • This allows you to view orders based on their origin (Shopify, TikTok, Aftership, SkuIQ, SILK, etc).

  • We hope this will make it easier to manage and process these more time sensitive orders! It also helps us see sales volume data from various channels so that we can best formulate our technology and growth strategies to support you.

**Important! Unfortunately all CommentSold orders display CommentSold as the source. We aren’t able to differentiate between an app order, website order, TikTok order, etc. We’ve reached out to CS about this and would encourage anyone impacted to add your name to the ticket!


  • Up until now, we were not able to differentiate TikTok orders from any other orders in our shipping platform. But we added some coding over the weekend that does allow us to see this information now.

  • We want you to know that it is not our intention to regularly prioritize TikTok orders above any other order! We are dedicated to meeting a 2 business day fulfillment time regardless of order source. But occasionally there may be situations (peak holiday times, etc.) where our overall shipping times are extended and we need to prioritize fulfillments.


  • We understand how important timely order fulfillment is for your payouts and shop health. We are working hard to improve our processes to support this new platform and understand the sense of urgency surrounding these orders.

  • Accounts are not being shut down for late shipping, but we do understand the effect on your payout schedule, etc.

  • To streamline communication on this entire process, we’ve developed a order policy that is effective immediately.


  1. Please process TikTok orders and get them into the shipping queue quickly. Either manually or with our new 2 hour processing delay.

  2. Please do not send support requests on the status of these orders until the morning of your “Ship Order By” date (Day 3!). This is the same day you receive the email reminder about shipping from TikTok or when you see a red alert in your seller center dashboard under the “action needed” tab.

  3. When reaching out to support, please provide us with the Shopify Order # or Ave Tech order # (not a TikTok order #!), so that we can quickly locate the info that you need.

  4. Ave Tech credits will only be issued in the event that an order exceeds the 7 day “Auto-Cancel Date” found on your TikTok order. We will ask for proof of that cancel date prior to issuing credits. This only applies to orders that have been in our shipping queue for 7 days. If your orders are on a 24-72 hour hold for a portion of that time, we cannot apply credit for those orders.


It goes without saying but we ask all of you to treat our team with kindness and respect. We are here to serve you and continue to make this a platform a success for you. We appreciate your grace and kindness related to all things TikTok.

As always, we appreciate you and your partnership with Ave. We are excited to support you on this TikTok journey and are currently planning some education/strategy initiatives for our shop community!

We’ll keep you posted on any new updates and welcome any feedback that would make your TikTok order management easier!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team using the chat box in the bottom right corner or by email at Thank you again for being here!

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