Add an item to a pending order

Customer forgot an item? Want to add a free gift? This is how to add an item to a pending order.

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One of the benefits of turning Auto Process off or 'No' is that you have time to make changes to orders before you process them manually, or they're processed automatically after your order processing delay setting, like adding one or more items to an order before it's charged and sent to our shipping team.

Edit the order in your Shopify back office

To make changes to your order in Ave Tech, including adding one or more items, simply edit the order in your Shopify back office and the updates will be sent to the order in Ave Tech.

You can open the order by clicking on the Shopify order number when viewing the order in Ave Tech, or you can log into your Shopify back office and open the order.

On the right side of the order, click 'Edit'.

Note: If the order originated outside of Shopify (Ex: CommentSold, TikTok, etc) it cannot be edited in Shopify. Shopify will show you the notification below. Try creating a draft order for the item you are trying to add and then combine the two orders in Ave Tech instead. CommentSold users also have the ability to create an "Admin" order and then combine the two orders in Ave Tech as well. If it's a gift item, add a 100% discount to the draft order and mark as paid.

Add an item

Step 1: In the search bar near the top of the page, search for the item you want to add.

Step 2: Select the desired size(s), then click 'Done'. Repeat the process to add more items to the order, if needed.

Step 3: Click the 'Send invoice' button to send an invoice so the customer can pay for the added item(s).

Pro Tip: Adding the extra item for free? Simply uncheck the 'Send invoice to customer' box, then 'Update order', and they won't be charged.

Step 4: Return to the order in Ave Tech and refresh the page. The new item(s) will now be included.

Note: It can take a little time for the changes to make it to Ave Tech, so if you don't see them at first, simply wait a bit and refresh again.

What's next?

If the order is ready to go you don't need to do anything and it will process automatically at the end of your order processing delay. You can also manually process the order if you want it to go through right away.

If you need to make more changes you can:

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